Steampunk pc monitor


The condensed steam ephemerograph


This rethought and redesigned computer monitor is designed as a steampunk work. This retro-futurism from the literary steampunk movement, attached to the world of Jules Verne and HG Wells, quickly spread to others artistics areas such as design, graphic design, movies etc. For more details on this kind, internet is full of informations.

In need of an additional screen to my work computer (very practical arrangement for graphism) and having a wreck old laptop, I tried to recover the LCD panel to make it a true desktop screen and even recycle computer equipment in working order, to limit (in my scale) preventable electronic waste. Being a huge fan of steampunk, I could not miss the opportunity to give it a retro-futuristic look. This kind of project lends itself especially as in the steampunk spirit, the DIY (Do It Yourself) reigns supreme on this type of objects. Indeed, it is quite rare to find for sale because you have to become victorian-hacker-yourselfer to deserve this kind of creation! So I started in this attempt and I acknowledge that I really like this Vernian engineer role ! Here different views of the result, which is, I should point it out, fully functional. It is possible to connect the HDMI, DVI, VGA, and it also has connectors for sound. In keeping with the steampunk spirit, I named this screen: Condensed Steam Ephemerograph.

I keep hoping to one day have the time to complete this screen by a magnificent CPU with its steampunk keyboard and mouse, all in brass, varnished wood, leather and copper! To be continued …

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